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Take the Guesswork out of your Career Search

Changing jobs or deciding on a career is often a confusing and overwhelming experience. An unfocused search can cost you valuable time, money and frustration. If you are:
  • a victim of 'down-sizing'...
  • unhappy with your present position...
  • entering or returning to the job market...

    Career counseling can take the guesswork out of your career search.

    Where do I start?

    Discover the best careers for YOU!

    At Harriet Newman & Associates, we start by administering a battery of tests. A licensed professional counselor will interpret the results and assist you in narrowing down your career choices.

    These will be careers that best match your skills, personality and interests.

    With an investment of only two or three hours, you have taken the guesswork out of finding the careers that are best for you.

    What's Next?

    Discover what it is really like working in your chosen field!

    This is where Harriet Newman & Associates is truly unique. Our large network of contacts allows you to actually talk to people one-on-one about your chosen field. 

    Need Support?

    Harriet Newman & Associates will be with you all the way.

    Find out more about career counseling, training, testing and make the move that will take the guesswork out of your job search:


    take an in-depth battery of career tests


    develop job search plans


    explore educational opportunities


    prepare a winning resume


    get expert coaching on effective interviewing and networking skills


    develop salary negotiating skills†


    obtain counseling to help you reach your career goals

     Discover the keys to unlocking your potential.

    For over a decade, Harriet Newman & Associates has been counseling individuals in career management.

    We help people assess their strengths and determine new career paths. Our experience and wide range of industry contacts allow our clients to "cut to the chase" in researching and determining new career options.


    Career Testing


    Presentation and Interviewing Skills


    Your Resume

    Career Testing can help you identify the perfect career choice. State of the art career tests are available to help you discover interests and new options in making career choices. 

    Strong Interest Inventory will measure your interests in a broad range of occupations, school subjects, leisure activities and work activities. The results will match your interests with your best career options.

    The 16 PF is a personality test that measures 16 different personality factors in relation to career choice. The test results will help you achieve deeper insights into your personality as it relates to career interests.

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator will find the best occupational matches for you based on your personal preferences. It helps you to understand your work style, improve job performance and find work environments that are conducive to your preferences.

    Kudder Interest Survey assesses the interests of high school and college students in areas related to higher education and occupations. The information helps you select education courses and identify potential careers.

    Presentation and Interviewing Skills will help you show yourself to your best advantage.

    During your job search youíll be talking to many interesting people through networking and interviewing. How you present yourself and communicate during this transition is critical to your success in obtaining job interviews and getting offers.

    Through our years of business experience we have put together a list of business contacts in every industry. These are professional people you can depend on to help you quickly network your way to your new job.

    Harriet Newman & Associates will provide ongoing coaching until you find the job that is right for you. We will help you to:

    bulletDevelop a dynamite two minute presentation
    bulletPrepare a confident "reason for leaving" statement
    bulletDevelop thoughtful answers to tough interview questions
    bulletHandle uncomfortable salary questions
    bulletUtilize important principles of negotiating to get the salary you deserve

    The interview is a complex and competitive process, but with practice and planning you can make your best impression every time.

    Your Resume can open the door to a new position or a bright, new career.

    Can your resume survive the" 30 second skim?" Statistics show that you only have 30 seconds to capture the readerís attention. Your resume will have to be interesting, well designed and carefully written.

    Your resume is the most important written document youíll need in your job search. Everyone you speak to will want to see it. It is not always easy to write a short and professional overview of your career and qualifications.

    In our resume writing program, you will quickly go through the steps needed to organize your thoughts, highlight your accomplishments and focus on the skills you want to use on your next job.

    We can help you to:

    bulletWrite a dynamic background summary
    bulletPrepare clear one sentence accomplishment statements
    bulletFocus on your objective
    bulletOvercome job history problems and concerns
    bulletWrite effective cover letters

    We will work together to develop a professional resume that will successfully open the door to new opportunities.

    Call 713-668-6117 now for your FREE 1/2 hour consultation.


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