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About Harriet Newman & Associates

Harriet Newman & Associates was founded in 1981 in Houston, Texas to provide career transition services to both companies and individuals. We offer a full range of HR consulting services including career counseling, personality and interest testing, corporate training, organizational development, personal counseling and outplacement services.


Our career counseling services focus on your specific needs and includes:

bulletOutplacement Assistance
bulletCareer Test Assessments
bulletCareer and Executive Coaching
bulletCareer Development Strategies
bulletTeam Building Training
bulletLeadership Training Courses
bulletCounseling to deal with interpersonal work issues
bulletPre-employment Interviewing and Screening
Individual Assistance

Our assistance with individuals seeking new career opportunities involves one-on-one counseling, career assessment testing, resume preparation, and developing effective networking, interviewing and negotiating skills. We offer personal counseling to deal with work related issues limiting your success and happiness on the job.

Harriet Newman & Associates' licensed organizational consultants will provide cost-effective assistance to successfully help you develop a career plan to reach your goals quickly.

Company Services

Harriet Newman & Associates is positioned to provide customized, cost-effective career transition services for small to mid-sized companies who are looking for a responsible approach to assist employees affected by restructuring, layoff or organizational change. Strategic benefits associated with outplacement and career development include preserving morale, retaining top-notch employees and financial savings for your company.


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